When I was a youngster about 21, it became my duty and privilege to vote.

I didn’t have to study much to be able to spell X.

The privilege to vote was on condition that I paid my poll tax of $3. What a deal. About three hours’ work would pay me enough to buy the right to vote.

Just think of that: If I had money, I could vote. It was good.

Money, money, money, let’s start an uproar.

It will be just that when those of us voters who don’t vote are fined about three hours’ wages for not voting. Will we then support the tea party, Republicans or Democrats? Are we supporting anything when we don’t vote?

Voter participation 90 percent or greater would show the world that we the people are participating in our destiny.

I pray that we the people, regardless of our support, are concerned for the future wanting what we feel best for these United States of America.

May we all learn to spell X and vote our future.

Wendell “Wendy” Bickford


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