NORTH NEW PORTLAND — The New Portland Lions Agricultural Fair and Maine Craft Festival is set for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The following schedule of events were recently announced:


2 p.m. Farmers Steer and Ox Club pulling, 11 a.m. weigh-in

7 p.m. All-terrain vehicle pulls. For more information, call Tami Bredeau at 639-2819.


8 a.m. Farmers’ horse pull

10 a.m. Single horse twitching

12:30 p.m. Third annual Lumberjack Tournament. For more information, call Greg Perkins at 735-6013 or 843-6013.

6 p.m. Truck pulls, for more information, call Wayne Bredeau at 639-2819.

9 p.m. fireworks

Sunday – Kid’s Day

2 p.m. Demolition derby, first prize is $1,000. For more information, call Tiger Pinkham at 431-3113.

Frog Jumping contest for ages 10 and younger. Participants must being their own frog and it must be at least four inches long from nose to tail. All frogs must have names.

Contestants may not feed their frogs anything to make them jump farther. Frogs cannot be touched once race is underway. Touching the frog will result in disqualification. First frog to reach finish line will be declared the winner and will advance to the next heat.

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