A couple of recent news items just beg to be addressed. They both refer to Condoleezza Rice.

First of all, that golfer’s club in Augusta, Ga., used to restrict its membership to men. It recently had a change of heart and allowed two women to become members, one of whom was Rice.

Secondly, she was invited to speak at the Republican convention. What she said is unimportant, except it fits in with the general theme of the convention, namely the twisting of facts and downright lies, which was to be expected.

What bothers me is the apparent short memories of the people involved. Have they all forgotten that Rice was one of the prime movers of George W. Bush’s efforts to commit war against Iraq at a shameful cost in American lives and untold cash having disappeared and the tremendous cost in Iraqi lives?

Have they forgotten her “mushroom clouds over our cities” speech and her insistence that the aluminum tubes found were to be used for weapons of mass destruction? Another lie. What else is new?

I heard that Rice is an accomplished pianist and figure skater. I think she should give some serious thought to a change in profession.

Robert W. Vitolo


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