Liz Soares’ column on Sunday (Sept. 9) reminded me of the dilemma of a person who will not own an automobile because she likes neither the current Ford nor the alternative offered by Chevrolet.

Those are the only options one has, right? Two choices will always suffice.

Along with millions of other Americans, I am at once in favor of a balanced budget and marriage equality. I strongly support our Second Amendment rights, while I oppose exporting democracy at gunpoint, also known as nation building.

I must be singularly out of luck. Oh, but I’m not; I’m voting for Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, who also will be on the ballot. I will exercise my right as an American to choice in the marketplace.

Soares might seriously considering voting for Green candidate Jill Stein, who also will be on the ballot. Or she could work to help social democrat Rocky Anderson get on the ballot as a write-in candidate.

If we pretend we only have two choices, we will continue to make that illusion reality. The only wasted vote is one not cast.

Dale Hinote


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