I am a conservative Republican who listened to Michelle Obama’s convention speech.

I thought she was right on. She said that her hardworking father and mother were her inspiration, and she enjoyed the fruits of their labors. Her father worked two jobs even when he was sick. She showed the importance of the father in her own family in the clips of her husband playing with his children.

Her words contrasted ironically with advocacy of President Barack Obama, who supports benefits without work.

Inflation, which is printing more money, devalues our currency and is a tax on everybody, but more so on the poor. Printing more money makes it worth less and puts an unequal burden on the poor.

For a rich person, adding $1,000 to the cost of a boat or car would be nothing; but $1 more on a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs would be a hardship on the poor.

Obama has put us heavily in debt to many nations, a debt we can’t pay back during our lifetime, so it will be passed to our children and grandchildren.

When strong families are needed, with a father and mother, Obama’s policies make it easier for people not to marry and let the government support them. To make matters worse and further devaluing marriage, Obama approves of homosexual pseudo-marriage, which is ungodly and against nature.

The Obamas’ walk doesn’t fit their talk.

Albert R. Boynton


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