I am a mother and grandmother who is concerned about the bisphenol A that is in the containers of food for children.

I know that the Bureau of Environmental Protection in 2010 required baby bottles and sippy cups to be BPA-free.

It seems that the next logical step would be to remove it from other baby and toddler food containers.

Extensive scientific testing has proven that BPA is harmful and kids are exposed. There are safer alternatives now.

Vermont and Connecticut already are phasing out the use of BPA in some children’s products.

BPA has been known for more than 70 years as a hormone disrupter. I wonder if my mother’s, mine and my daughter’s breast cancers could have been caused by this chemical in our systems.

I know that we all carry BPA in our systems now since its widespread use over the years. Its time that the BEP step up to the plate and ban BPA from children’s food containers.

Barrie Colbath


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