Divide and conquer is a strategic scheme employed by same-sex marriage proponents in their quest to add another state on their roster.

“As Maine goes, so goes the nation” became popular because of Mainers’ hard-working, compassionate ethical traits and dignified values. To contend, same-sex marriage commercials have exploited the guilt and sympathy factors and have added the shame factor.

A recent commercial begins with grandpa talking about the “cruelty of war.” To compare those who oppose same-sex marriage with the atrocities of war is lurid.

Grandpa talks about love, how precious marriage is and ends saying, “it’s all about family.” All empty words.

Adults are no longer secondary to the welfare of children. A mother and a father are no longer needed. Procreation of children is irrelevant. Traditional elements of marriage and family are obscure.

We now have group, open, multilateral marriage, domestic, extended, one-parent families; childless families; once-married, in-vitro fertilized, never married families; and now they want homosexual families.

Good grief, what’s the rush? There is no emergency, vote no.

The multitude, complex and compelling issues of marriage already are in the courts, costing millions.

What are the cumulative effects, the consequences? A little girl growing up with two men is not fair. If Sam feels less than his classmates, it’s because there is no dad in his life, not because his moms are not married.

Homosexuals are equally beautiful people, God’s children deserving complete happiness. Same-sex marriage needs a new beginning. Adopting the ways, codes or structures of another is not leadership. Morality of the moment is not sustainable.

Change takes time. Homosexuals need creativity, a soul, a manifesto of their uniqueness that with future generations would grow in harmony with marriage, yet separate, say like milk and cookies.

Denis M. Rioux


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