After 11 years, they were finally successful with another significant attack on our soil, and we lost our ambassador to Libya as well. The next few days will determine what we will do as a nation for the next several years in the foreign policy realm.

Our foreign policy under do-gooders assumes that all people are the same as us. Well, they are not; that’s why we lock our doors at night.

Are we going to follow the Carter and Clinton models and appease these Islamic terrorists? Or are we going to treat them like the murderers they are?

The problem lies when one sees this administration is free to use air strikes and predator drones to kill even a U.S. citizen on foreign soil.

The foreign policy with the nations that harbor these animals is ineffective at best.

Why does Pakistan still get one dollar from us? Should we allow the butchering of Syrians under Assad? Where is the freedom our secretary of state told us that the Muslim Brotherhood would provide since Hosni Mubarek’s fall in Egypt?

King Abdullah in Jordan, what do you think of his prospects? Of course, our staunchest ally in the region Israel, (led by Benjamin Netanyahu) is denigrated by our president on an open microphone.

If the social, economic, oh all right, socialist policies of this president aren’t enough for you to vote against him then maybe the attack on our soil might be.

Albert Dow


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