Without doubt — men of willful ignorance are the steadfast allies for men of great wealth, power and privilege.

Is it not a man of willful ignorance who allows himself to be indoctrinated into believing that it would be in his best interest to cast a vote that would deny himself, his family and his community the benefits of the most basic human dignities, rights and much-needed opportunities. He is convinced that to choose otherwise would be downright un-American.

Meanwhile, the extremely wealthy continue to prosper from enormous tax breaks, systemic loopholes (think off-shore accounts) and massive government subsidies.

So, in a desperate attempt to avoid being labeled un-American, he has been thrown into a blind panic, which predictably causes him to eagerly relinquish his place at the head of his own table. In doing so, he has further empowered the wealthy manipulators who stand with scissors in hand directed at the cords of the vital life support system that sustains him.


And now the ignorance, which he so shockingly wore as a false badge of honor — something to be coveted and defended at all cost — has become a binding yoke fastened securely to his weary neck and shoulders.

Heed this: We will reap what we vote.

Anita Johnson


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