The Cairo embassy issued a statement apologizing for a video’s attack on Muhammad. Embassy officials knew that the average Egyptian in the street was unhappy. Imagine how fundamentalist Christians in Birmingham or Roanoke would react should Muslims make an attack on Jesus.

Without even waiting for the mob to climb the embassy wall, Mitt Romney fired a salvo at Barack Obama for apologizing and sympathizing with the Muslims — a response out of the Republican National Convention playbook. It is also a major “pants on fire” lie.

Republicans, however, never let facts get in the way of an attack of Obama. It fans the brain cell of those who believe Obama was born in Kenya and is a Muslim.

Muslims were angry at the YouTube video, and they have absolutely no idea that, in the United States, the media is not under government control. They don’t understand that everything that appears is not pre-approved by Washington.

To them, the U.S. government had “allowed” a halfwit movie producer to insult their most important religious figure. So, The mob finally scaled the embassy wall, tore down our flag and burned it.

When challenged by his own party, Romney once more did his imitation of Quick Draw McGraw — and blew off his toes, again.

Then a well-organized attack took place In Benghazi, Libya. It was probably al-Qaida using the Muslim reaction to the movie as cover. Tragically, four Americans were killed.

The Romney campaign, with John McCain, Sarah Palin and Reince Priebus in support, went into pants on fire mode again.

This is nothing more, nothing less, than a gaggle of demagogues looking for face time on television. That they got it proves the media are not controlled by anything but ratings which, in turn, determine ad revenue.

Tony Nazar


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