Time and time again, I find myself reading articles in the newspaper with headlines I know I shouldn’t read. More often than not, they are about animals, our best friends.

I make myself read them because the animal I am reading about had no choice but to be in the situation that it was in. I am so hurt and upset as I read, then I find myself here, writing to the editor.

Why are humans so inhuman? What could a small animal do to cause one to beat it with an ax?

I am a strong believer in an eye for an eye. This man received only six months in jail. Really? Six months. That does not compare to the hurt and suffering this dog felt.

Nothing upsets me more than animal cruelty, and a judicial system that sets inappropriate punishment.

Six months, what does that say to this person? Let me be in contact with this person for just six seconds, never mind months, and I could say far more on behalf of this dog than the abuser would learn sitting in jail with a warm roof over his sick head, a hot shower and food in his belly.

Nothing can teach one who would do this, as they are far beyond help, nor do they deserve help. This dog did not get a second chance. The same done to Fido should be done to the sickos. This is not justice.

I will continue to speak out for the innocent furry friends who deserve life on this Earth far more than some humans do. May karma find him soon.

Blair Busque


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