It seems that Thomas Walling (letter, “Republicans have no qualms about invading our bodies,” Sept. 13) has never had an ultrasound or apparently ever spoken to anyone who has had one.

Since I have had three when I was pregnant, and three when I was not, I can tell Walling that having your finger pricked to test your cholesterol is a lot more invasive than having an ultrasound.

It seems odd to me that people want informed choice about just about everything in life, except apparently to see the life they carry inside of them.

Reasonable people certainly can and will disagree about whether abortion should remain legal. The fact is it has been settled law for 40 years now and I doubt that it can and will be overturned anytime soon.

To say that Mitt Romney would overturn Roe vs. Wade as soon as he became president is absurd. Presidents do not make law, Congress does.

Personally I am weary of abortion debate. Perhaps we women need to embrace that fact that we have the honor and joy of bringing forth life into the world. It is not something to take lightly.

If we are not prepared to embrace that honor then we should be responsible enough to use the many varied types of birth control that are available to women. Please don’t tell me women can’t afford it. We can.

As to the issue of giving birth after being sexually assaulted, I would not presume to tell anyone how they should handle that situation, but what I know from life is that the people we most admire and respect are those who choose self-sacrifice over self-interest. No one ever said life is full of easy choices.

Kathleen Mahoney


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