I’ve recently begun getting involved in my community and getting more interested in politics. One thing I recognize is that our state Senate district is a pretty big place, and Clinton’s a pretty small one.

Yet Colleen Lachowicz of Waterville, Democratic candidate for Senate District 25, keeps spending time here.

It isn’t because we have a lot of votes, that’s for sure. It’s because we need her help and she’s done what she can to address our concerns. Anyone who’s been around a while knows Clinton’s got a ton of those.

I’d like to thank Lachowicz for giving us her time, and to ask the residents of the big city in Waterville to vote for her. We really needed her help out here, and she has proven that she cares more about helping people than getting votes.

I ask others to join me in supporting Lachowicz for state Senate.

Stacey Reed


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