Rep. Susan Morissette, R-Winslow, is doing a great job. I want to thank Morissette for her hard work representing District 54, Winslow and Benton.

As a former drug counselor, Morissette was the sole legislator chosen to work on the Maine Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force, which involved the medical field, dental and pharmaceutical interests, educators and law enforcement.

Domestic violence and abuse has emerged as a crisis. Again, Morissette worked hard and as a former counselor knows the problems that comes from abuse.

Maine is vast state, and I like that municipalities were given the option to make up their own mind about how to implement the new fireworks law. Not a blanket rule for everyone throughout the state.

Morissette helped to pass the largest tax cut package in Maine history that benefits all Mainers. She’s worked on improving the economy and jobs. Morissette deserves re-election.

Raymond Lemieux


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