I have read two columns recently that Charles Krauthammer wrote about the United States, Iran and Israel relationships.

He is not content with the fact that we have fought two 10-year wars for Israel. He seems to want a 100-year war with all the Arabs in the Middle East.

Osama bin Laden said the 9/11 terrorist attacks were done because we armed and supported Israel in their killing of many Arabs.

If Krauthammer is an American above being Jewish, he would never suggest our bombing of Iran. Iran will not use an atom bomb on Israel, knowing that within 24 hours it would be bombed out of existence.

If Krauthammer thinks otherwise, he should ask Israel to do the bombing. That country is the best armed and has the most efficient army in the Mideast (thanks to the United States).

We are bankrupt because of two 10-year wars and our trying to run the world. It is time that America thought about U.S. citizens.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are proof that we cannot “run the world.”

Frank A. Allain


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