I hope voters in District 58 will re-elect Karen Foster, R-Augusta, to her second term in Maine’s House of Representatives. She has been a consistent, approachable advocate for her constituents.

Contrary to the negative Democratic mailing, Foster is a hard-working, caring, thoughtful representative who cares deeply about the needs of the residents in her district.

She is a mother, grandmother, former small business owner and city councilor, and she serves on several civic and nonprofit groups. I know from personal experience that many legislative decisions are gut-wrenching choices that don’t have an easy solution that satisfies all sides of the issue. Foster has to weigh what is best for her constituents and the state, and work within the parameters of the constitution and the budget.

Considering her life experiences and her service to the community and the state, I believe she is the best qualified candidate.

Bill Browne

Former Republican representative


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