On Sept. 18, I read two stories about severe abuse to animals. Such near-death acts by care providers were punished with six month or less sentences.

This approach to heinous crimes against animals should not be acceptable in our society.

Animals offer unconditional acceptance. I have seen abused animals turn to follow their owner as if nothing happened. I have seen animals become ugly as a result of neglect or/and abuse. Isn’t that a protective reaction?

Animal behavior is most often the result of human interaction and conditioning. We need to step forward and treat the ownership of animals as a privilege.

Animals deserve our respect, overall well-being and most of all love. If a person can not commit to such care we have created shelters so that person can do the right thing.

If a person neglects or abuses an animal, the consequences need to be behavior altering. Abuse and neglect most often is not a one-time incident; it is a consistent act.

We need to stand up and protect this vulnerable population.

This issue is not about being a Republican or a Democrat.

People need to step forward and review the current legislation, then demonstrate their care for such animals by doing the right thing against those individuals that chose to neglect and abuse them.

Our judges need our help in setting the bar.

Kim M. Lane


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