I confess to reading with distaste the weekly column by M.D. Harmon.

His sour takes in his weekly diatribes are predictable. I’d call it mean-spiritedness toward anything remotely “left” and ironclad in the ideologues of the far right, following his party line to the letter.

I’m afraid that Harmon personifies what is so terribly wrong with politics today (particularly far right politics) and the resulting incapacity of government to function as the founders meant it to.

Our virtually paralyzed system is dangerously destructive to our county’s future.

Harmon, however, rather outdid himself in his most recent column (Sept. 22). People who haven’t read it really should because they will learn that Harmon has knowledge and insights about climate change that surpass those of elite scientists throughout the world.

It’s particularly amazing because his work background does not seem to include science, never mind climatology. Harmon ends his column with the nugget that many people around the globe think that climate change is not the problem that the scientific community thinks it is.

I wonder where these myopic, head-in-the-sand people would have stood on the Earth is round/flat issue in Columbus’ time? Actually, we know. I just pray that there aren’t too many of them out there — for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Chris Conway


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