Patsy Crockett, Democratic candidate for House District 57, understands taxes and small business.

While Crockett previously served in the Legislature, she supported two major tax reform bills that would have dramatically lowered the income tax.

Both of these bills involved comprehensive tax reform, which lowered the income tax while broadening the sales tax to make it more stable and predictable.

Patsy understood that the high income tax penalized middle-income wage earners and deterred entrepreneurs.

These measures were revenue neutral and well-thought out, unlike those in Washington, where tax decreases have been passed with no plan for decreasing spending or increasing revenue.

Patsy takes the time to understand the issues and has consistently supported legislation that was good for small business and average-income families.

She represented our district well in the past and will again if elected in November. I enjoy working with her and will vote for her on Nov. 6.

Wick Johnson


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