Tidbits gleaned from the Morning Sentinel on Sept. 20. Do people think we need four more years of this?

* National debt is our country’s No. 1 problem.

* 65 percent of likely voters think the economy is worse than four years ago.

* Obama said he wanted to see gas prices above $5 per gallon.

* Congress, president in oil companies pocket.

* Islamist radicals flout all we believe in.

* Our kids ain’t writing so good.

* Maine household income fell 7.7 percent from 2007-11.

* Maine’s new health care law raises rates 20 percent or more for 90 percent of small business.

* In the last five years, Maine families who collect food stamps increased 42 percent; Maine people living in poverty jumped 15 percent; Maine unemployed people increased 43 percent; Maine household income dropped 7.7 percent; general assistance increased 11.6 percent.

General assistance and food stamp distribution both mirrored national trends.

I repeat: Do we really need four more years of this?

Rodney N. Rolfe


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