The recent resignation of Messalonskee Coach Wes Littlefield shows us once again the school administration and parents in Oakland just don’t get it.

The safety of the student involved was never in question. Children need discipline.

Instead of allowing Littlefield to do his job, the child was allowed to make a big deal out of a small situation. The only thing the child learned was that if an adult is hard or demanding, then he can complain and have an easier road.

Children today are coddled and babied. That’s what happened here. The administration should have supported Littlefield.

Littlefield is hard nosed, demanding and exactly what children today need in a coach.

Like Brenda Beckwith, Littlefield was tough on his players when they needed it. Also like the situation with Beckwith, the school district let Littlefield and the children down. Instead of supporting a good man and role model, the school district allowed that man to get run out of his job.

Mike Dorval


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