As a former district attorney of Kennebec and Somerset counties, I am very interested in the current race for district attorney.

My first choice for district attorney was my former deputy Alan Kelley. The Democratic Party, however, did not nominate Kelley.

I urge people who think as I do, that the District Attorney’s Office must be run by an experienced non-partisan attorney, to join me in supporting Republican Darrick Banda for district attorney.

A qualified criminal attorney, Banda may be able to stop the exodus of attorneys who have said they will not work for the Democratic candidate Maeghan Maloney.

I had the honor of being elected district attorney for six consecutive four-year terms. In those elections, I was the Democratic nominee, and I do not endorse a Republican lightly.

The DA’s Office is too important to elect an unqualified person simply because she is an active Democrat.

David W. Crook