We have lost thousands of our young men and women fighting all over the world.

George W. Bush had such a hatred for Saddam Hussein that he sent our young to be maimed or killed.

To finance this unneeded war, Bush borrowed $3 trillion from China. This country makes the Russians look like Boy Scouts.

Now China is blackmailing the United States. China sends us poisoned products, such as lead toys. When they order we obey.

Mitt Romney has large investments in China. We lost thousands of jobs to China because that country’s cheap laborputs more millions in his pocket.

Why did all these people have to die or be maimed for life? How much money is it costing the USA to take care of all these brave men and women?

It took Bush and Dick Cheney eight years to bring our country to financial ruin. It will take years to undo the damage they have done.

I, for one, would like the truth for a change.

Richard Tozier


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