Democrat Maeghan Maloney offers a profound understanding of the challenges of protecting Maine citizens, while advocating for criminal justice reform.

A district attorney must recognize how our society’s outdated criminal system burdens taxpayers. Darrick Banda states, “I’m not much interested in seeing who we can let out of prison. I’m looking more to see who we should be putting behind bars…”

Maloney offers alternative solutions such as veterans court and pre-release programs for non-violent offenders.

Our rate of imprisoning people has a great human cost, as well as a huge financial cost. Maine spends $163 million per year to house, feed and supervise its criminals. We have cut HeadStart, rehabilitation and mental health programs, while our criminal justice budget skyrockets. We need someone with new ideas, someone willing to explore alternatives.

Maloney will be more than tough on crime; she will be smart on crime.

Trudy Ferland


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