It has become a political cliché to say that this year’s election may be the most important in our lifetime, but sometimes clichés are true.

So it is about the contentious issue of so-called “gay marriage” in this year’s referendum, which asks Maine voters whether they approve of the redefinition of marriage to include those of same-sex couples.

This question, despite the claims of the advocates of gay marriage, is not about equality or about love. It’s about the nature of the most important foundational structure in human civilization, the unique legal and moral commitment of a man and woman to a bond for the welfare of the couples and for the procreation, raising and protection of their offspring.

Mo other moral arrangement can substitute for the indispensable institution of traditional marriage, and no human civilization has ever tried to transform marriage in such a radical manner as today’s sexual revolutionaries.

Nor will these radicals be satisfied until they can use the police power of the state to enforce their beliefs upon the schools, churches, and other private associations.

If gay marriage is legalized, its acceptance eventually will be forced upon all by the courts, opening up other areas of perverse activity for marriage, such as polygamy.

From the age of the ancient Hebrews, Greeks and Romans into modern times, no civilized society has ever legitimized same-sex unions as real marriage. And for good reason. Society as we know it would collapse into chaos.

We should not lightly overturn 5,000 years of human history. Let’s call a halt to this silly talk about rights and instead do what is right.

I urge others to join me in voting no on Question 1, and preserve what is left and best of western civilization.

Gayle Finkbeiner


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