As a retired atate employee, I support Democrat Lori Fowle for District 58 representative.

Lori has served on the Vassalboro budget and school committees for many years. She will fight hard for working families.

I have looked at Rep. Karen Foster’s voting record and was stunned that her votes seemed to be against working families consistently. She voted to tax everyone with health insurance a minimum of $4 per month (that’s a minimum of $196 yearly for a family of four). And where does that money go? To the insurance companies!.

Lori is a mother of three and ran her own business for 10 years. She understands the issues facing small business owners and struggling families.

This year, I am voting for Lori, who will help the middle class, not big insurance companies. I am voting for someone who understands and appreciates all workers.

Clough Toppan


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