The leadership of Sen. Tom Martin, R-Benton, reintroduced the era of common sense in Augusta.

Martin’s record proves that he understands the needs of struggling Mainers. Martin’s accomplishments include welfare reform, health insurance reform, workers’ compensation reform and tax relief.

Martin also helped abolish burdensome regulations (red tape), which stifled job growth.

After years of failed leadership, Maine is finally on the right path toward business expansion and private sector job growth.

We are now at a crossroad. Are we to revert to the tried and failed bureaucratic policies of the past or are we to continue moving Maine forward with policies that encourage job creation, fiscal responsibility and government accountability?

Under Martin’s leadership, we are in good hands and the days of mismanagement are over.

Martin has served District 25 very well and we are proud to call him our senator. Martin has earned another term.

Gary Maheux


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