Pre-abortion transvaginal ultrasound law provides a woman in early pregnancy with an image of her child before he grows over her pelvic brim.

From zygote to term baby, he is human. It’s not scientific or liberal to call that which constitutes humanity “a few cells.” Killing him is murder.

The sight of her child might move mother’s heart away from filicide.

Mother birds know their nestling’s cries, and don’t need pictures to know their eggs require warm bodies for protection and development.

A mother’s love for child is as unconditional as we’ll know here on earth. Denying it and condoning its destruction are grave errors that are systematically destroying the world.

Having lost our sense of evil, however, we question the good of a vaginal probe that could stir mother love, and construe it as a device of rape.

Rather, consider the invasion of that vagina a few weeks before by one with no love for woman or progeny; or by the slicing, suctioning implements that will render her child into bloody fragments.

That’s “women’s health.” All pink ribbon purchases and the new health care bill fully support the lucrative slaughter.

Nancy Epifano


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