We were baby-sitting two young girls and showed them our hens. One asked, “Will they have babies?” We said, “No, we don’t have a (Daddy) rooster.”

A parent, according to Webster’s dictionary is a father or mother, or any animal, organism or plant in relation to another which it has produced.

Homosexuality is not natural. They do not reproduce within their union. We don’t want to see these people or any others persecuted, but they already have the rights of a civil union, which gives them all legal rights of married people.

We believe there is more to their agenda than is being told. In Massachusetts, they have shut down Catholic Charities because it would not allow homosexuals to adopt children.

Now, we hear, they want to do away with the words “mother” and “father” in our school books, and make everything to be neutral. Do we have to make the unnatural the normal?

What will be the cost of rewriting our text books to suit them?

Please, preserve our families, churches and country by voting no on Question 1.

Lewis and Barbara Bell


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