Republican Dennis Keschl is our representative for House District 83 (Belgrade, Fayette, Manchester, Mount Vernon and Vienna), and he does a great job.

Keschl is approachable, interested in the people he represents and draws no distinction between parties when acting on legislation. He feels strongly that good ideas need to be supported regardless of where they come from.

His newsletters are informative and useful as he reports about those legislative and local activities that affect us in House District 83.

The newsletter always contains items that we can act on or get involved with.

Keschl has done a great job during his first two years, and will represent us equally well over the next two years. I hope others will join me in supporting and voting for Keschl. He deserves re-election, and, more importantly, we in District 83 deserve Keschl as our representative.

Gary Mahler


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