Democrat Maeghan Maloney is the best choice for district attorney for Kennebec and Somerset counties.

She has a proven track record for being hard-working, smart and effective. Maloney rose from humble circumstances to graduate with honors from Harvard Law School.

She could easily have left Maine for a lucrative legal career, but instead she has devoted her brainpower to public service. With her leadership, Maine has created a special court to help Maine’s veterans who need assistance returning to civilian life.

Maloney is the best candidate to implement a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence, child and elder abuse. This is the No. 1 criminal justice problem in Maine, where domestic violence is the cause of most murders.

Finally, it is long overdue that we have our first woman district attorney, especially one who is so well qualified. Please vote for Meaghan Maloney for District Attorney.

David G. Webbert


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