Much ink has been spilled recently about the recent comments made by the Lewiston mayor about Somali immigrants.

In blunt terms, he suggested that they make more of an effort to assimilate themselves into the American life to which they have come.

I understook this to mean: Don’t stay separate from the American life around you, rather become part of it, make your own unique contributions to it, enrich it and in turn let it enrich you.

Judging from the reactions to his words and the (entirely) predictable outbreak in the use of words such as “hurtful,” “insensitive,” “hateful,” “biased” and last (but by no means least), that profoundly goofy phrase, “embrace diversity,” hizzonor’s words appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

Sad to say the Somali community seems to have learned one thing about American life rather quickly: There is much more to be gained by donning the many-colored cloak of victimhood and flaunting it to one and all (and demanding an apology) than there is in just getting out there and making it on your own in your new home, your new town, your new state – your new country.

To use a blunt American phrase: Get over it.

P.S.: Welcome to America.

Terence McManus, New Sharon

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