First, I’d like to thank my constituents in District 56. It has been an honor to serve them.

I am pleased to have Doreen Sheive step up as the Democratic candidate to run for my seat. She retired with 30 years of service to the state of Maine, the last 17 as fiscal administrator of the Unorganized Territory.

It is important to have people in the Legislature who are knowledgeable about the process of state government. Sheive has worked in Washington for Sens. Edmund Muskie and Daniel Moynihan.

A clean election candidate, she also is one of only two candidates running for the Legislature who is a retired state employee. It is vital to have her there to support them; state employees, teachers and retirees have taken a hit during these past two years.

It’s not about politics; it’s about what is right. I urge others to join me in giving her their votes.


Rep. Anna D. Blodgett

District 56, Augusta

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