This letter is in response to Dorcas Miller’s Oct. 10 letter to the editor about Republican Rep. Deb Sanderson, “Sanderson didn’t vote for her constituents.”

Sanderson’s leadership and her commitment to her constituents in House District 52 has helped me, a 26-year-old Mainer buy his first trailer and piece of property.

In these days of economic hardship, few young Mainers can achieve the American dream of property ownership. Policy choices by former representative Democrat Elizabeth Miller and the Baldacci administration forcing young Mainers out of state in search of adequate work.

I hope that my representative will emulate Sanderson in how well she has served her district and the people of Maine.

She had to make hard choices, but they will enable young Mainers like myself to remain here. I now pay property taxes, along with my sales and income taxes, and am proud to support Sanderson.

Paul T. McCarrier


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