Cynthia Dill, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, is smart, experienced and honest. Her record proves her advocacy for working people, the environment and the economy.

I especially appreciate her nondefensive attitude. She thoughtfully determines her course and stands her ground with poise and assurance.

The deceiving and underhanded political strategy that has Dill and independent candidate Angus King pulling votes from each other is beneath her dignity. King is a politically savvy man, and I don’t believe he’s unaware of this effect.

In the face of this scheming, Dill keeps on keeping on — offering us her common-sense workable solutions. She deserves our votes. Her record shows she stands with the people she represents and is rising above the duplicity. Unintimidated, she will do the same for all of us Mainers if we send her to Washington, D.C. We should do just that.

Charlotte Henderson


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