Angus King’s ads talk about how “outsiders” think dumb Mainers believe everything we hear.

Not long ago, King, the independent candidate for U.S. Senate, visited Highland Plantation to tell the 54 residents that wind turbines were going to greatly improve our lives. Bunk.

The Highland residents were promised lower taxes, free electricity and an outdated heating system.

What the majority of Highlanders want is to protect their property value, and the quality of life that exists without the turbines.

When King believed that the Land Use Regulation Commission would not approve his two previously submitted applications, they were withdrawn, wasting taxpayers’ time and money.

King doesn’t listen to the majority; otherwise, he would honor Highland residents’ request to permanently withdraw his turbine requests.

King sees what he wants and helps rewrite Maine law to get it. Does that make him a perfect fit for Washington?

Rose Staton

Highland Plantation

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