I’m writing this letter because I’m tired of listening to people blame their obesity on a medical condition.

Even with genetic or hormonal conditions, it is physically impossible (by physically, I mean a violation of the laws of physics) to gain mass if the body is burning more mass-energy than it is consuming.

It is possible to gain weight and size through edema by swelling and water retention if you maintain a net caloric deficit, but that’s the only way.

Genetics and thyroid problems make it much more difficult to control weight gain, but not impossible. Those factors tend to set a person’s homeostasis point at a higher weight and slow down the metabolism.

Personally, I believe it has been a great disservice to let these factors almost give a pass for people to be overweight.

It gives people an excuse to not try to be more healthy, dooming them to a life of heart disease, diabetes, cancers and all the other health problems that come from being overweight, physically inactive and having in an unhealthy diet.

I’m asking those who are overweight to make the effort to lose some weight and lighten the load on society.

Jarody, Augusta

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