Are we afraid of persecution because we want to vote against same-sex marriage? Are we intimidated because we want to vote against same-sex marriage? Afraid that we will be labeled a bigot, racist or hatemonger?

Then I say be afraid, feel the fear and execute on that fear because we then will be enforcing the will of ourr own conscience.

We should all know by now that this is how those on the other side work to influence what they want. By name calling, guilt and inserting fear, all the things that they say they are against.

Another tactic is to brainwash us by continuously putting the argument in the forefront so that when we go to vote all we see is that ad and subconsciously vote in their favor.

They feel that if it is repeated enough times, it will go into our subconscious and then become reality. That means they have subliminally influenced a decision.

What they are forcing us to do is to question our own conscience by placing the word bigot or racist in the argument. By placing these words in the argument we then feel shame and guilt by association: I’m a bigot/racist because I’m against gay marriage.

They deceives us into immorality by deceptive tactics and fear. It is immoral and detestable. What will be next on their agenda? How much tolerance is too much tolerance?

They are winning by deception because we are not paying attention to what is truly going on around us. We are not making our own conscience decisions because we are being deceived by distraction.

The media and through our educational system they are getting to our children, and we continue to sit by and let it happen.

Roger H. Leblond


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