It’s important that people remember the taxes Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Miller supported; 102 new taxes to be specific.

Miller favored taxes on:

* Parts and labor when we got our cars worked on. What would our bills from our mechanic look like if the people hadn’t repealed the taxes that Miller and the Democrats approved?

* What about getting our lawn mowers or computers fixed? She supported new taxes here, too.

Miller showed, while her “persona” cares about normal folks, she has no clue. Maine Revenue Services estimated at least 112,000 elderly Mainers on fixed incomes would have paid more in sales taxes.

Miller isn’t running on her record because her record shows she’s out of touch with the struggle to keep our families fed and warm. Put Miller out of office.

I urge others to join me and vote for Republican Deb Sanderson for House District 52.

Arthur N. Chaff


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