We have the opportunity to vote for the most qualified candidate for president in a generation.

Mitt Romney has run a successful, multi-million dollar company and a successful Olympics and has been a successful governor.

In his spare time, Romney served as a lay (unpaid) leader of a congregation of more than a thousand members.

Speaking of unpaid, some may not be aware that Romney didn’t take a salary when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Compare this to our current Golfer-in-Chief, President Barack Obama, who has played more golf and held more fundraisers than any other president, all while failing to take the lead on any issue.

Romney is uniquely qualified to solve the problems facing our country. His pragmatic approach and willingness to reach across the aisle will serve him and us well.

I urge others to vote for the candidate who is up to the challenge of being president during these perilous times, Romney.

David Dickson


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