Wednesday’s “Truth Test Column” does not pass the smell test. The reporter’s own figures, $14,175 plus $8,550 adds up to $22,725 spent because Kevin Raye requested it.

The writer tries to diminish the effect by saying it is a “nook kitchenette,” when in reality it is Rayes’ “private kitchen” in “his” office.

Renovations always bring unexpected costs, so trying to lay the blame on David Boulter for the electrical work is just a ploy to take the heat off Raye. According to the reporter’s own figures the only false things in the ad are the $350 difference between Michaud’s data and Boulter’s. Hardly a significant amount to claim the figures are false.

The only other untrue thing in the ad is the pictures of a kitchen that is not Raye’s, but I doubt if Raye would have let Michaud’s ad men in to his office to take pictures. Moving and adjusting may not be “decorating,” but it sure comes close to redecorating.

Writing that “this ad is among the most misleading so far this campaign season” is probably the most misleading statement in the column. Kind of makes me wonder how objective the truth test column is.

Kevin Morrissey


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