Bain Capitol, whose former CEO is Mitt Romney, is in the process of closing a factory in Freeport, Ill., and sending this plant and jobs to China, as reported Oct. 19 on MSNBC News.

This plant manufactures sensor parts for the automobile industry, posting a $500 million profit its second quarter.

Bain brought in Chinese workers to be trained by the American workers. That adds insult to injury to the Freeport workers. Workers from the plant said the American flag was taken down when those Chinese workers arrived for training.

People who had been working at that plant for years were not given severance pay and lost their retirement and health insurance coverage.

MSNBC said Bain purchased the plant four years ago. This follows Romney’s taped agenda previously about Bains harvesting factories for profit to stockholders. This tape was shown to viewers watching the news program.

Romney’s 47 percent tape also mentioned about Chinese labor to those $50,000 a plate rich donors to Romney’s campaign. Oops, we found out Romney’s true self.

Romney has the nerve to accuse President Barack Obama of sending jobs to China, when his former company is doing exactly that.

Romney is not a patriot and is not fit to become president of the United States.

Romney is no friend of the American workers in this country. He doesn’t deserve to be president.

Joan Gilbert-Croteau


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