I would like to point out that the upcoming election of members to the Maine House and Senate is, in fact, a referendum on the policies of the Le-Page administration.

For the last two years, the Republican-controlled Legislature has aided and abetted the governor’s dismantling of the environmental protections and social safety net that Mainers of all political parties have erected over the last 40 years, to the detriment of us all.

I urge people who disagree with these destructive policies to vote for legislators who will not continue to rubber-stamp them, as Republicans have done so far.

Removing the Maine Legislature from their control will go a long way toward disrupting Paul LePage’s plans and returning our state to the moderate course that has characterized it over most of its history.

Don’t let LePage win again. Vote for Democrats, independents or third-party candidates to the Maine House and Senate.

Lenny Reich


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