I’m not the type of person that writes letters to the newspaper. What matters most to me is my family, not politics.

These days I’m a very busy grandmother — I look after my granddaughter and grandson who are both under 3 years old.

Being a part of their daily discovery of new things and experiences is precious to me. And, being able to support my adult children by providing child care so that they can both go to work is important to me, too.

This is what family is: It’s taking care of the people you love. It’s the commitment to your spouse, to your children and to your grandchildren.

I get frustrated when politics get in the way of families. Last year, over 105,000 Maine voters signed petitions to put marriage for same-sex couples on the ballot. In just two weeks, we will vote on this important issue. It’s time our state law caught up with the sense of fairness that the majority of Mainers share. It’s time to vote yes on Question 1 to allow committed same-sex couples to marry.

I know gay people — I see some who are still figuring out their path in life and others who are in strong, committed relationships. They deserve a chance at what I have been blessed with: my husband, children and grandchildren.

Our government shouldn’t stand in the way of legal recognition of their commitment.

This November I’m voting for family, for all families in Maine. I’m voting yes on Question 1.

Lois Ayotte


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