How embarrassing for M.D. Harmon to publicly display his myopic view of human nature (“Same-sex marriage would weaken essential nature of the institution,” Oct. 20).

In this election-filled, over-abundant fact-checking frenzy of statistics and percentages, how about some old-fashioned common sense?

This “nature of the institution” he mentions: Is it in our nature of the institution to turn a blind eye to decades of sexual assault on innocent boys and girls by men of the clergy? Is it the nature of the institution to accept the rise in sexual abuse, exploitation and missing children, who come from his “98 percent” of homes with a mother and a father?

Harmon mentions that same-sex marriage, if passed, will subject 98 percent of Mainers to the “narrow desires of 2 percent.”

Shame on him. That narrow desire he writes about is a desire for same-sex couples to wonder what ever happened to Ayla Reynolds, missing for almost a year. She came from a home with a mother and a father. So much for his weakened essential nature.

Gary R. Levine


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