Advocates of homosexual marriage claim ballot Question 1, if approved, will not limit religious freedoms of clergy.

There is more to religious liberty than clergy. Homosexual marriage will limit religious liberties for religious institutions and ultimately individuals.

Homosexual marriage will require religious institutions to provide spousal insurance to a homosexual spouse of a homosexual employee, similar to government’s efforts to require religious institutions to provide insurance coverage for contraception and abortifacient drugs.

Homosexual marriage will restrain religious schools from teaching about the immorality of homosexual behavior (Romans 1:24-27) when a student is present who has homosexual parents. Schools could be charged with hate crimes for teaching its moral values.

Clergy who support homosexual marriage should read Romans 1:24-27. Merely wearing a collar does not make one an expert on God’s teaching.

Vote against the redefinition of marriage and protect religious freedom. Vote no on Question 1.


David Alexander


Write-in candidate, House District 56

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