WATERVILLE — Women Unlimited hosted 17 Adventure Girls recently in an effort to construct special homes for bats. The organization provided hammers, power drills, nails, screws and wood, according to a press release.

“Who likes to get bit by mosquitoes?” asked Lib Jamison, executive director of Women Unlimited, a Maine-based organization that offers training to women in trade fields, such as construction. “Well, bats eat mosquitoes and so we need bats to keep our environment healthy.”

Jody Proctor, an OJT trainer and instructor for Women Unlimited, walked the girls step-by-step through the building process.

“That was a tough project, but they did great,” Proctor said. “There were nine pieces to put together … Whew!” Most of the girls had never even used a hammer before.

“I’m really impressed,” Jamison said.

The girls made 18 bat houses and many of them said they would tackle more building projects in the future. They decorated the houses with drawings of bats, pumpkins and “Welcome” signs. They also took home an Adventure Girls t-shirt and a “Women Working” construction sticker.

There are 10 more adventures this year, which range in topics from robotics, welding, kayaking, physics, hiking, and being a veterinarian. Scholarships are available. For more information, visit hghw.org/adventuregirls or call 861-8131.

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