First, it’s the Catholic Church that finds ways to cover up the awful sexual crimes against little boys.

Now, we find out that Boy Scouts of America are just as guilty to these vile attacks.

In both cases, hypocracy sticks out like a wart on the nose.

A priest would be ousted in a hurry for the sin of “carnal knowledge” of a woman, but if he repeatedly molests and/or rapes small boys, he is excused, covered up for, or relocated (where, incidentally, he has a whole new crop of kids to victimize.)

With the Boy Scouts, their leaders have fought hard, and quite indignantly, to keep homosexuals far far away from their ranks, while their own counselors and troop leaders prey on helpless children and, once again, they are protected from exposure.

When finally caught, these predators hang their heads, mumble tongue-in-check apologies and once in awhile one gets a light jail sentence. Meanwhile, their high-priced lawyers scream that the children are actually at fault for “misunderstanding” the predators intentions.

These little kids must carry their scars for life, and our laws do far too little by way of punishment.

These two organizations need a very thorough house-cleaning and some serious moves toward actively policing their own ranks.

Phyllis Berry, North Anson

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