This election year, we’ve been told that this is the most important election of our lifetime and will determine the future of our country.

Here in Maine, the crucial matter before us is whether we become the first state in the nation to decide by popular vote on Question 1, whether to redefine marriage.

In every state which has approved same-sex marriage, it has always been done by a legislative or judicial process.

In all states, including Maine, where We the People had the opportunity to approve or disapprove gay marriage, the people always voted to preserve marriage as that of one man and one woman.

In Maine, same-sex couples have been given many of the legal rights of married couples already — in the form of domestic partnership. And those they do not have can be accomplished through further legislation, without redefining marriage for the rest of society.

Do we as Maine citizens really want to have this distinction of being the first to redefine marriage as something other than that of a man and a woman with our vote?

Maine has enough problems without achieving this status by popular vote.

(I have heard that in other states with these laws on the books, people have been jailed or sued for protesting or refusing to comply with the law.)

Don’t redefine marriage in Maine. Vote no on Question 1.

Gigi Prindiville


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