I would like to express my thoughts on the homosexual marriage question that will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

All Mainers, as all Americans, have the right to express their views on any subject whatsoever. As this issue has been spoken for and against, there has been much intolerance from those who support toward those who oppose.

I have been placing street signs to protect natural marriage as God instituted marriage to be, holy and acceptable in His sight.

Many places where my grandson and I placed signs opposing the redefining of natural God-ordained marriage they have come up missing and replaced with signs supporting the redefining of natural marriage to include homosexuals.

If a sign has been placed, no one has the right in accordance with Maine law to tamper with it. It is illegal to tamper with political signs unless someone has placed one on your property without permission, according Maine’s secretary of state’s office.

Political sign vandalism incurs a fine of up to $250.

I would ask that all points of view be allowed to post signage in good faith that they will not be tampered with by the opposition, if they indeed are doing so.

Homosexuals have their right to live as they please; they are protected under laws dealing with discrimination and can form a civil union. Many employers provide insurance coverage to include domestic partners. Employers opposed to homosexual marriage should not be forced to provide coverage against their religious faith, at great expense to them.

God’s word will never be changed as He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Regardless of the vote, God’s word will never change; He will remain Sovereign Lord over all.


Thomas Tuck


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